Our Vision

Our future direction is, Being center of excellence in Bialetti Group with High Technical Capability, Top Quality Products and Talented Associate Pool

Our strategy is, Realization of future direction will be achieved by following Bialetti Group philosophy, mission, corporate principles and talent indicators.

Our group philosophy is, to be a group of companies that is contributing for a better world through “adding value to daily life” and become first choice for all our stakeholders with our strong tradition and innovative vision by ensuring continuous excellence of business processes and outputs.

Our mission is, to maintain and constantly develop our leadership in the company’s traditional business and identify new opportunities to grow in the market with the focus on quality and excellence in performance and design

Our corporate principles are,

Customer and consumer satisfaction with paramount quality products and services.

Global competitive edge through innovative, elegant design, high valued products and services

Our people as heart of our business

Preserving environment for sustainable socio-economic growth

Harmony with the society and respect for Human Rights

Our Vision